Golis Solar Company – Bringing Renewable Energy to Somalia

Golis Energy

Video Transcript

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Sayid Ali Abdi :22 My name is Sayid Ali Abdi, I'm the founder of Golis Energy Co., located in Hargeisa Somaliland. 
  :36 We have been operating in the renewable energy business since 2004.
  :38 We do solar installations, designing, and surfacing. 
  :42 We do solar training for the end users, as well as technicians. 
  :45 We supply solar energy for homes systems like lighting and to electrify the whole house. For commercial for rural electrification, for solar water pumping, and solar water heating. 
  :58 We also do wind installations from 500 watts to up to 100 kilowatts of one unit.
  1:05 We are now doing it in Somaliland. We have sold machines to Djibouti and Eritrea and South Somaliland and Puntland. 
  1:12 We are from solar farms in Berbera hospital. The solar bars in the hospital we just offset this morning.They will produce 42,000 kilowatts within 10 months. 
  1:24 They will save $42,000 dollars. Just from that one grid system. 
  1:28 They sell the grid for $9,000 dollars. 
  1:34 There are significant benefits that we have also done like the Danida Compound where we use 10 kilowatts of solar power at the moment.
  1:39 This is powering the whole building, office computers, printers, lighting, switches, security lighting and all of that. 
  1:47 See this installations? That is saving $24,000 dollars. 
  1:53 People have their plans. But they don't have access to finance. That’s the major problem. Because there are no banks, there is no backup for the communities. So if you have the plan, it is pretty hard to start a business. 
  2:06 We have started with a small amount of money, which is about $18,000 dollars which we collected between us. We were moving  slowly for a period of years. But since renewable energy is something new to so many Somaliland it was difficult to reach people to invest. 
  2:28 Shuraako made a link between the people who have the idea and the people who are investors. Which like I say is the gap that the bankers would  fill. Shuraako is filling that gap now which is very impressive. 
Isahak Ahmed 2:45 Shuraako has not only helped us, but actually Shuraako is also helping our customers. 
  2:58 Our clients were not able to get access to electricity before it was unable to be low cost. 
Sayid Ali Abdi 3:00 The electricity bill is very high here in Somaliland. One kilowatt is $1 dollar. 
Faisa Ibrahim Said 3:05 When I was using the local, other electricity power from the grid it was very expensive. Like this house, the cost at that time, could be like $150 dollars per month. And finally, I identified this group, Golis. I visited their office and they explained to me how I will benefit from it. They also came with me and checked how much energy I needed here. 
Sayid Ali Abdi 3:32 Once we get the customer, we make a small agreement. 
Faisa Ibrahim Said 3:38 What we had to do s o far was to pay 50% from the general cost that you have estimated based on my need. Then from there you can give another installment. 30% then 20% and the final will be 10%. 
  4:03 Simultaneously I used the TV, the Internet, the refrigerator, and lighting as well, together. Including the security lights outside. [sic]
Isahak Ahmed 4:10 Many people are coming to us at the moment. This has increased our sales income by more than 40%. Its actually 43% at the moment. 
  4:22 Before we used to do only 2 systems a month. Now we do 50 systems. 
Sayid Ali Abdi 4:27 So once we got the credit facility we have been able to order a lot of products, make stocks of the products, and we can serve you on the spot. We can visit your site, estimate, and then we have the products to install. We have to increase this system and reach more end users.Like now we are only doing households and commercials. We have to reach farmers credit facility. We have to reach fisheries. We have to reach pastoral people. All these need need to be addressed, I can say with a credit facility. its increasing the economy of the whole country. 
  4:42 Now we are doing only households and commercials, but we have to reach farmers to do the credit facility. We have to reach fisheries, we have to reach pastoral people. I can say that this credit facility is increasing the economy of the whole country.   
  5:00 Pastoral people have empty roofs with a lot of sun so they can connect to the grid and the community will benefit from that. 
  5:16 In Las Anod we are working for the electric companies, in Hargeisa we are working for the electric companies, in Burao, Togdheer region we are working with the electric companies. And now we are making a new service center where we are going to connect companies, universities, and government and to take the tests there to service more people.
  5:36 This is fantastic. You just lie out in the sun!