Somaliland Investment Forum 2016 – Outcome Report

In September 2016, Shuraako and the Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Investment co-hosted the Somaliland Investment Forum held in Hargeisa, Somaliland. 315 people attending the Forum were able to choose between 20 different sessions to attend. This report features all topics and resources presented at the Forum, with event and photo highlights.

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Somali Diaspora Investment Survey Report & Discussion Brief

The Somali Diaspora represents a large pool of potential investment capital that could be leveraged for long-term and scaled development in the Somali region. This report assesses the preferences and behaviors of Somali Diaspora toward existing channels and opportunities for Somali-based investments and provides policy recommendations for how to better facilitate crucial investment.

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Powering Progress II: Realizing The Potential Of Renewable Energy In Somaliland, Puntland, And South Central Somalia

The Somali renewable energy market has some of the largest potential in Africa, but often stakeholders have been working in isolation from each other and from global markets.

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Skilled Workforce Survey Report

The Somali Renewable Energy Skilled Workforce Survey sought to better understand the current and future labor force needs to effectively grow the Somali renewable energy sector, and gain insight to inform efforts to enhance the relevance and quality of in-country training programs. The survey, carried out with executives at fourteen renewable energy companies (including independent power providers), found that there is an evident gap in the supply of technically-trained laborers versus the demand for qualified workers. 


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Building a Business Ecosystem in Somalia | The Case for Business Associations

Business associations are an often incorrectly understood concept, even by individuals close to the institutions. It is documented that few, if any, business associations exist in present-day Somalia. Read a discussion about the challenges to business associations in post-conflict scenarios and the experience of regional African countries in the formation of these institutions.

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Powering Progress | The Potential Of Renewable Energy In Somalia

Affordable access to electricity is a critical issue for economic growth and stability in Somalia. This report describes the evolving landscape of energy in the country and outlines the burden of limited electricity services and extremely high tariffs on households, businesses, and the environment.

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