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Powering Progress: Somali Renewable Energy

Golis Solar  – Bringing Renewable Energy to Somalia

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Our Portfolio

Since July of 2013, Shuraako has mobilized capital for promising micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Somalia. We’ve facilitated investments into 74 businesses across twelve sectors.


Somali businesses interested in financing can visit our Investment Criteria page to learn more about our loan requirements and application process. Those businesses ready to begin the application process should submit a complete Concept Note to the Shuraako team.



Ganacsiga Soomaalidu leedahay ee xiisaynaya dayn wuxuu booqan karaa bogayaga Shuruudaha Maalgashiga si aad wax uga ogaato shuruudaha daynta iyo habka loo codsado. Ganacsiga diyaarka u ah inuu bilaabo habka codsiga daynta waa inuu soo gudbiyaa Codsi Kooban oo dhamaystiran una soo diraa kooxda Shuraako.

SDIS Report

The Somali Diaspora represents a large pool of potential investment capital that could be leveraged for long-term and scaled development in the Somali region. This report assesses the preferences and behaviors of Somali Diaspora toward existing channels and opportunities for Somali-based investments and provides policy recommendations for how to better facilitate crucial investment.

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