SIF 2017 Pitch Ring

The SIF Pitch Ring connects investors to local Somaliland businesses seeking capital. Interested entrepreneurs must complete the application process in order to qualify. Selected participants will have 10 minutes to present their business plan to investors with pledged capital.  

Information disclosed by Pitch Ring presenters will remain confidential and will be used solely to evaluate the investment potential of the disclosing business and for no other purpose whatsoever. All investors are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

How to Apply

To present in the Pitch Ring, a Somali business MUST complete the application documents to qualify. The Pitch Ring Application, Financial Statements Template, and Entrepreneur CV must be completed and submitted to Shuraako ( by August 15, 2017. Please read the Pitch Ring Information document for more detailed information.

If the applicant meets eligibility requirements, the business will undergo due diligence and may be invited to participate in the SIF 2017 Pitch Ring. There will be a practice pitch training session hosted in Hargeisa for all Pitch Ring participants two weeks prior to the forum.

If you are an investor and interested in participating in the Pitch Ring we encourage you to email and a member of the organizing team will provide you with additional information.  

Pitch Ring Application Documents:

Entrepreneur Pitch Ring Information

SIF Pitch Ring Application

Pitch Ring Financial Statements Template

CV Template (may submit your own format or complete the template provided)