Shuraako is a self-funded, non-profit initiative working to promote investment into promising business models and social enterprises in Somalia. Shuraako believes that job creation fosters stability and peace, and is the key to rebuilding Somalia. Developing the business sector generates financial and social revenues.


An Information Resource:

Shuraako is a central hub of information on investing in Somalia. Key to any successful business or investment is knowledge. However, Somalia is one of the most
difficult places to collect market intelligence. Shuraako’s dedicated staff works on the ground in Somalia to compile information and provide technical assistance to businesses, industries; and facilitate connections between these stakeholders. Information on successful businesses, growing industries, market analyses, and other opportunities, are available for free on our website.

Capital Stimulus for Business and Social Enterprises:

With the election of a Federal Government and increasing stability, there has never been a better time to invest in Somalia’s future. Shuraako supports private and non-profit investors, who are committed to building Somali businesses and investment. We are a neutral broker that connect investors with stakeholders across the supply chain, including: other investors, businesses, suppliers, and markets.This catalyzes regional economic development by expanding markets for goods, services, and purchase power.

Facilitating an Effective Business and Investment Climate:

Shuraako helps to develop the business and investment climate in Somalia through coordinating between government, private sector, and civil society representatives. We support the progress of remittance and money value transfer companies in the region and advocate for the necessary investment and trade policies required
to stimulate economic development.
We believe that through these efforts, international financial support mechanisms such as investment guarantees and loans, and the expansion of banking and credit systems will emerge in Somalia.

Our Story:

Shuraako is a program of the One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with a vision of developing effective systems of multi-stakeholder governance on select issues to reduce armed conflict. As an operating foundation, OEF focuses on both research and developing ideas, and implementing those ideas in practical projects. One of these is Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a program that brings together stakeholders from various maritime sectors to address the problem of piracy. Through its work, OBP has found that piracy off the coast of Somalia can only effectively be solved on land by creating rule of law and economic opportunities for the Somali people. Born out of this idea, Shuraako is an initiative that brings together prospective investors with promising entrepreneurial projects in Somalia.

Shuraako is a non-profit initiative, with no commercial business interests in Somalia, or any other country. Shuraako does not charge fees for its services.