Tayo Uniforms

Tayo Uniforms ("Tayo") is a female owned and operated manufacturing business that sells high quality and affordable uniforms to schools, corporations, and other entities across Somaliland. In order to meet growing demand, Tayo needed capital to further expand its manufacturing capability and procure bulk fabric from abroad.

Prior to the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund financing, Tayo Uniforms obtained two Shuraako-facilitated investments to procure bulk fabric and sewing materials and further expand its production capacity. These loans allowed Tayo to double its output, reduce unit prices by 44% for its customers, and manufacture an additional 6,500 uniforms. In addition, Tayo gained subsequent skills and funding through participating in the Shuraako-facilitated Work In Progress! business development training program, helping Tayo jump-start production of their reusable sanitary pads. 

In April 2021, Tayo Uniforms obtained a loan through Shuraako's Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to procure additional industrial sewing supplies, a screen printer, and shelving. The materials purchased are helping to expand Tayo's operations in two ways: first, in fortifying their reusable sanitary napkin production, benefitting low-income populations for whom imported menstrual supplies are not cost-effective; and second, by responding to additional demand for the masks they have been producing to combat COVID-19. The programmatic funding, coupled with Tayo's business decisions, has bolstered Tayo's immediate economy in the wake of the pandemic.


Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Manufacturing, Women Initiative
Employees: 42
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation