Mandeeq Poultry Company

Maandeeq Poultry Company (“Mandeeq”) was established in Hargeisa in 2015 and is the only large-scale poultry farm in Somaliland. It sells fresh wholesale eggs, feed, and chickens to local Somaliland markets, where all other competitors import their products.  Maandeeq is the sister company to Mandeeq slaughterhouse, the only slaughterhouse in Hargeisa. After a year of proven operations and sales, Mandeeq aims to expand its operations to meet the local demand for fresh poultry products.

In 2016, Maandeeq secured a Shuraako-facilitated investment to increase production and expand its operations by an additional 18,000 egg-producing chickens. The investment also supported Mandeeq to install additional commercial flock house as well as feed processing equipment and storage facility, which enabled Maandeeq with the tools to blend a specific ratio of feed and supplements for its chickens. In 2018, after the successful repayment of its first loan, Maandeeq secured additional financing from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to expand operations with an additional six-hectares of land.


Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2015
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 42
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation