Hodan Mixed Farm

Hodan’s Mixed Farm is a nine hectare farm that produces fruits and vegetables, rears cows and goats, and produces honey. The farm is situated in Jibgale, a fertile region outside of Garowe, Puntland. The farm supplies its products to the surrounding cities of Galkayo, Bosasso and Garowe. The farm faced challenges when it could not access a reliable source of water and therefore could not sustain its existing operations.

To address this problem, Hodan’s Mixed Farm secured investment capital with assistance from Shuraako and built a deep borehole to tap into the local water supply. This enabled the farm to increase its production capacity. With a year-round water supply, the farm has increased crop yields, introduced new crops (such as mangos, oranges, and bananas), increased its livestock rearing capacity, and increased its honey yields. The investment created five new jobs. 


Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 1994
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 13
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation