Al Nur Mixed Farming

Al Nur Mixed Farming (“Al Nur”), established in 2005, produces nearly 15 types of cash crops year-round and has a supplementary small-scale dairy operation. It is situated on 6.5-hectares of land; however, only 45 percent of the land was being cultivated due to limited irrigation capacity. The irrigation system relied on an inefficient generator, which consumed costly fuel.

Through 2014 and 2016 Shuraako-brokered investments, Al Nur was able to increase its land utilization by installing a 100-meter borehole with gravity fed irrigation system and new generator, increasing its land cultivation to 60 percent. As a result, employment increased by 47 percent. In 2019, Al Nur secured a third Shuraako-brokered investment through the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to increase land utilization with the purchase of two hectares of land for fodder use, drilling of 200-meter borehole complete with irrigation system, a date dehydration machine, and tractor.


Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2005
Project Sector: Agribusiness, Women's Initiative
Employees: 29
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation