Al Faraj Group and Family Farm

Al Faraj Group and Family Farm “Al Faraj” is a 7 hectare farm located in Jibagale, 25km east of Garowe in Puntland, Somalia.  Established in 1990, Al Faraj produces fresh fruits and vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, cabbage, lime, guavas, onions, watermelon, sorghum and maize.  Due to drought conditions present in Somalia, the farm utilized a shallow well and pump to supplement rainfall and was only able to cultivate 43% of its land.

Given its good standing over the last 27 years of operation, Al Faraj saw an opportunity to scale its operations and protect against environmental changes.  With Shuraako’s assistance, the farm acquired investment capital to dig a borehole and purchase a solar water pump to establish a reliable water source and to increase the amount of land under cultivation from 3 to 5+ hectares.  These changes have allowed Al Faraj to meet the rising demand for their products, with production expected to nearly double in the four years following investment.


Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 1990
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 10