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October 30, 2017

Inside Somali Fishing

Fishing is a vibrant sector along the Somali Coast. With continued support through investment and improved management, the Somali fishing sector has the potential to boost the Somali economy, ensuring long-term growth and stability in the region.
October 03, 2017

Somaliland Investment Forum 2017

Three hundred thirty participants who have an active role in Somaliland’s private sector and energy sector, including investors, business entrepreneurs, donors, and development partners attended the Somaliland Investment Forum. The event was held in Hargeisa, 19 - 21, September 2017.
September 15, 2017

Investment Forum Declares Somaliland is Open for Business!

Shuraako, in partnership with the Somaliland Ministry of Trade & Investment, the Somaliland Ministry of  Energy and Minerals, and the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, today announced the second Somaliland Investment Forum (SIF 2017) to take place on 19 – 21 September. The forum, held while the world ...
June 16, 2017

Diaspora Investments Fuel Economies in Fragile States

Today the world observes International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), a day to focus attention on the significant financial contributions refugees, immigrants, migrant workers, and diaspora populations make to family members who remain in fragile states around the world.
June 14, 2017

Somali AgriFood Fund

In Somaliland, the arid, desert landscape and limited access to financial resources present many challenges for farmers struggling to make a living in the region’s rural agricultural sector. Barwaaqo, a local fruit and vegetable wholesaler and cooperative, is bringing together a network of farmer...
September 22, 2016

Shuraako Announces Powering Progress Fund

Shuraako, with Dahabshil Bank International and the Arsenault Family Foundation, have teamed up to create the Powering Progress Fund to give micro, small, and medium enterprises that are using renewable energy technology uncluttered access to financing.