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Kaija Hurlburt, Robert Spivak
January 01, 2013

The Fishing Sector in Somalia/Somaliland

Fishing is a highly profitable venture throughout the world; the tuna industry alone is worth $6 billion globally. Surveys of Somali waters show that there are significant fish stocks off the coast of Somalia—these waters are in fact considered to be some of the richest fishing grounds in the region...
Kajia Hurlburt
December 01, 2012

What is Islamic Microfinance?

Microfinance helps many people in Somalia and across the globe lift themselves out of poverty by providing small loans to those lacking access to traditional financial services or funding opportunities.
Victor Odundo Owuor
October 01, 2012

A Market Analysis for Honey Production in Somalia

This market analysis identifies factors influencing the profitability of the honey business in Somalia. While the analysis focuses on Somaliland, the factors apply to all regions of Somalia.
Victor Odundo Owuor
October 01, 2012

Wind Energy

In the continuing series of market analyses of potential opportunities, the prospects of wind power generation in Somaliland are reviewed.
Nisar Majid
September 01, 2010

Livestock Trade in the Djibouti, Somali and Ethiopian Borderlands

The northern Somali livestock trade involves the annual export of at least $200 million worth of live animals through the ports of Berbera, Bosasso and Djibouti across the Gulf of Aden. This is said to be the largest movement of live animal – ‘on the hoof’ – trade anywhere in the world.