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Wind Energy

October 1, 2012
Author(s): Victor Odundo Owuor Category: African Banking, Sustainable Energy Africa
Publication Type: Market Sector Report
  • Somalia’s and Somaliland’s difficult histories have hampered the development of infrastructure that could support growth and improve lives. The energy sector has been particularly hard hit. In the continuing series of market analyses of potential opportunities, the prospects of wind power generation in Somaliland are reviewed. The need for review is given even more urgency by official Somaliland data indicating that more than 90% of the total energy consumed there has its origins in biomass. These biomass sources are derived primarily from fast-diminishing plant cover.

    Using an augmented version of Michael Porter’s “five forces model,” this market analysis considers the effects of competition, new entrants, substitute products, suppliers, buyers, and complements on the proposed market. The market analysis determines that while Somaliland faces a large number of technical, economic, institutional, financial, and regulatory hurdles, several attractive features exist that should be the basis for further due diligence.

    Download Full Publication: PDF icon Wind Energy.pdf

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