• The Somali renewable energy market has some of the largest potential in Africa, but often stakeholders have been working in isolation from each other and from global markets.

    In order to provide a common picture of the interests of the many diverse stakeholders operating in the Somali renewable energy market, Shuraako and One Earth Future conducted research supported by interviews.  The report explains key challenges in the Somali energy market, and explores the potential benefits to economy, society, and individuals that would arise from increased electrification. It also outlines trends in the Somali energy sector, and offers an appraisal of the current investment climate. The resulting conclusions and recommendations are intended to highlight the avenues for increasing renewable energy and improving coordination among stakeholders in the energy market.

    This report helped inform the Somali Renewable Energy Forum 2016, and provided a platform for more educated discussions among the participants.

    Download Full Publication: PDF icon PoweringProgressII-DIGITAL.pdf

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