• Somalia Business EcosystemThis primer contains a discussion about a possible avenue for encouraging business growth in countries coming out of periods of prolonged conflict like Somalia. The particular avenue chosen is one supported by literature: the development of business associations. Business associations are an often incorrectly understood concept, even by individuals close to the institutions. It is documented that few, if any, business associations exist in present-day Somalia. The primer starts with a detailed discussion of what this institution entails, the types of business associations in existence within countries where they are well developed, and the benefits accruing from these business interests.

    Challenges For Business Associations in Post Conflict Scenarios

    The paper subsequently discusses the challenges to business associations in post-conflict scenarios and the experience of regional African countries in the formation of these institutions. Lessons learnt from these experiences form the basis for recommendations that provide a roadmap of ways the culture of business associations can be established in present-day Somalia. Furthermore, the recommendations not only address the current dearth of professional societies in the country but also point to ways Somalia business interests can move toward convergence with international private sector standards.

    Download Full Publication: PDF icon Business-Ecosystems-Research-Report.pdf

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