Women Initiative: Shuraako Impact Investing

Bilic-Haween Beauty Salon

Bilic-Haween Beauty Salon Somalia

Bilic-Haween Beauty Salon “Bilic-Haween” is a woman-owned company that provides local, quality spa services and natural beauty products in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Tayo Uniforms

Tayo Uniforms Somalia

Tayo Uniforms ("Tayo") is a female owned and operated manufacturing business that sells high quality and affordable uniforms to schools, corporations, and other entities across Somaliland.

Fat-xi Farm

Fat-xi Farm Somalia

Fat-xi Farm is a female-owned and operated farm in Jibgale (outside of Garowe), Puntland. The owner is the leader of a local farming business association.


Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa

PENHA aims to empower pastoralist communities and their institutions to play a full role in their own development and foster sustainable livelihoods among pastoralists.

Sahra Islan Mohamed’s Farm

African Entrepreneur Garowe Puntland

The farm, located outside Garowe, Puntland has been in operation for nearly ten years. This is a woman-owned and operated four-hectare farm producing fruits and vegetables and rearing livestock for meat and milk.