Transportation: Shuraako Impact Investing

Royalsom General Trading LTD

royalsom general trading

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, Royalsom was able to procure three 35- to 40-seater buses and two Toyota Land Cruisers, supporting expansion of the company’s existing car rental services.

East and West Bus Transportation Company

Bus Transportation Somaliland | Invest in

After securing financing through Shuraako, East and West added three large coach buses to its fleet. The three additional coaches are being used to introduce a new route to Las Anod and increase the frequency and capacity of the existing routes.

Dalmar Transportation Cooperative

Transportation Company Bosaso, Puntland

Dalmar Transportation Cooperative “Dalmar” was established in Bosaso, Puntland in 2012 to provide truck drivers and transportation company owners with limited coverage to specific risk events.