Manufacturing: Shuraako Impact Investing

Tabaarak Company

Tabaarak cushion products

Established in 1997, Tabaarak Company (“Tabaarak”) is the leading manufacturer of pillows, mattresses, and seat cushions in Puntland.

ILO Tango

ILO Tango is a powdered-drink manufacturing company established in 2002.

Som Plastic Industry

Som Plastic Industry (“Som Plastic”) manufactures plastic housewares and furniture in Mogadishu.

Daryeel Modern Industry

Daryeel Modern Industry

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Daryeel Modern Industry (“DMI”)  is a furniture and manufacturing business that designs and produces custom-made wood and metal furniture for hotels, offices, schools, and homes.


United Basic Industries (Durdur)

Water Supplier in Somalia

United Basic Industries (“Durdur”) is known as one of the leading water suppliers in Somaliland.  Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, the company was able to purchase water purification and filling machinery, a water tank truck, and two delivery trucks.

Horizon Aluminum, Furniture and Decoration

Somalia Furniture | Invest in Africa

Produces high quality furniture and aluminum products. The company also offers services for external decorations, fittings, and ceilings using gypsum. Horizon sought to increase production output and grow its market share and regional expansion.

Daryeel Modern Industry

Daryeel Modern Industry -  Somali manufacturing

Daryeel Modern Industry (“DMI”) is a furniture and manufacturing business that designs and produces custom-made wood and metal furniture for hotels, offices, schools, and homes.  it was able to procure renewable energy products and other installation materials through a Shuraako-brokered investment.

Sugan Style

 Sugan Style

Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, Sugan was able to expand its women’s clothing line and add a children’s clothing line, increasing the company’s production capacity.

Soda King Somalia

Somalia Soda King

To accelerate production capacity and increase efficiency and timely distribution of its products, SKS acquired a Shuraako-facilitated investment for the purchase of additional bottling and labeling equipment.

Ijaabo Water (formerly known as Somwater)

Solar Equipment

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, the company was able to expand its serviceable area and reach new clientele by procuring land, an 800 m3 water tank, and solar equipment (26.5 kw). This investment allowed Ijaabo to fully utilize its new well, established in 2015 through a previous Shuraako-brokered investment.

Gaameelo Workshop and Training Center

Aayatiin Garage

Though demand for newer vehicle models has risen in Somaliland, most garages are still unequipped to service them. Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, Gaameelo was able to tap into this market and increase its yearly profits.

Daldhis Furniture and Aluminum Factory

Daldhis Furniture and Aluminum Factory

Leveraging the growing real estate industry in Somaliland and the shortage of cement bricks, the company secured a Shuraako-facilitated investment to expand its product offerings. The investment allowed Daldhis to increase its production of aluminum furniture and fittings by purchasing aluminum material and to enter the cement bricks manufacturing market.

City Furniture Industry

City Furniture Industry - Invest in Somalia

City Furniture offers innovative, affordable, and quality wood and metal products. Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, City Furniture was able to continue the expansion of its operations by constructing a new, larger facility on a recently acquired commercial plot in Hargeisa

Al Siha Enterprises

Al Siha Enterprises

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, Al Siha was able to increase the volume and value of its catch through the procurement a 36-meter boat, a navigation system, fishing equipment with 45 tons of cold storage, and a four-ton onboard blast freezer.

Al Faraj Water Supply Company

Al Faraj

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, the company was able to further expand its clean water service by increasing its production and storage capacity. With the investment, the company was able to dig an additional borehole, construct an additional water tank, and procure a solar water pumping system.

AADCO Paper Factory


Founded in 2013, AADCO Paper Factory (“AADCO”) is a paper factory based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. AADCO manufactures exercise books and A4 printing paper.

French Pastry

French Bakery in Hargeisa

French Pastry is a commercial bakery that manufactures and sells bread and pastries throughout Hargeisa and the surrounding markets.  Since its launch in 2012, the company has expanded to incl

Fanah Oxygen Filling Plant

Founded in 2012 in Mogadishu, Fanah Oxygen Filling Plant “Fanah” is one of Somalia’s largest producers and suppliers of industrial oxygen gas.

Muruqmaal Environment Protection

Muruqmaal Environment Protection

Muruqmaal Environment Protection “Muruqmaal” has been operating a quality lime production company in Garowe, Puntland since 2013. 

Allamagan Gums and Resins Processing

Allamagan gums processing somalia

The company has been in operation since 2002, and is the sole supplier of processed and graded gums and resins to NEO Botanika, a large gums and resins export trading company in Somaliland.

Tayo Uniforms

Tayo Uniforms Somalia

Tayo Uniforms ("Tayo") is a female owned and operated manufacturing business that sells high quality and affordable uniforms to schools, corporations, and other entities across Somaliland.


Dairy Production & Processing Plant Somalia

Dairy Production & Processing Plant ("Dayibat") produces and distributes fresh yoghurt and dairy products to retail outlets across Somaliland.

Adeeg Metal Workshop

Adeeg Workshop Somalia

Established in 1998 as a small-scale factory producing, servicing and repairing large metal tanks (water storage) and other metal equipment. The Company’s other products include truck/trailer bodies, modifications to truck/trailer steel structures, steel frames for housing, and steel fixtures and furniture.