Hospitality: Shuraako Impact Investing

Art Café

Art Cafe Parking Lot and Building

Art Café is a restaurant serving Somali and Mediterranean cuisine in Hargeisa.

Green Paradise Hotel

Green Paradise Hotel (“the Hotel”) is a woman-owned, budget-friendly hotel established in 2011 in the Green Zone area of Mogadishu.

Crown Hotel

Crown Hotel - Invest in Africa

In addition to its accommodations and in-house restaurant, Crown has become very popular for events in Hargeisa such as weddings and ceremonies.  Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, the company was able to renovate the hotel space, install an elevator, and purchase equipment, supplies, and decorative items for the day spa and beauty salon expansion.

Tea Tree Café & Bakery

African Entrepreneur Garowe Puntland

“Tea Tree” is a popular café that sells a variety of coffees, teas, and baked goods in Garowe, Puntland.   Launched by three members of the Somali diaspora, the café has become a gathering place for the local community.

Shaybe Laundry Company

Shaybe Laundry Company Somalia

Founded in 2013, Shaybe Laundry “Shaybe” is a fast-growing company that provides full service laundry and dry cleaning services in Hargeisa, Somaliland. 

Mr. Fruto

Mr. Fruto Somalia

Mr. Fruto is a storefront ice cream, sweets and juice bar that sells freshly squeezed natural juices prepared and served in plastic cups that can be taken on safari or consumed in the store.

Hodan Bakery and Sweets

Hodan Bakery and Sweets Somalia

Selling bread throughout the MaroodiJeex and Sahil regions of Somaliland. The company began operations in Hargeisa in 2014 and has grown to produce 4,500 pieces of bread and pastry daily.

Lake Asal Restaurants and Apartments

Lake Asal Restaurants and Apartments Somalia

Lake Asal is a popular and highly-rated restaurant serving African and European food. The owners identified the demand for short and long term luxury apartments rentals in Hargeisa.

Royal Lounge Cafe and Restaurant

Red Sea Fishing Company Somalia

Royal Lounge Café and Restaurant ("Royal Lounge") was launched in Hargeisa in 2014. It is located in the Jig Jigayar area of Hargeisa.

Hodan Fish and Chicken House

Hodan Fish and Chicken House Somalia

Hodan Fish and Chicken House (HFCH) has been operating in Bosaso, Puntland since 2012. HFCH is one of Bosaso’s most popular restaurants, serving diners Somali and international fare, 24 hours a day. Due to high demand and volume at the flagship location, HFCH decided to open a second restaurant and sought financing to outfit the new location.