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Sa’aadadiin Fishing

Sa’aadadiin Fishing Somalia

Sa’aadadiin Fishing “Sa’aadadiin” is a fishing company in Berbera, Somaliland that sells fish to wholesalers and retailers in Berbera, Borama and Hargeisa.

Daalo Fishing

Daalo Fishing Somalia

“Daalo” was initially established in 2011 as a business that bought, fileted and fried fish for local consumption in Berbera.  

Zakia Fishing Company

Zakia Fishing Company Somalia

Established in 2011, Zakia Fishing Company conducts large-scale fishing operations through a hub and spoke model in the Maydh-Berbera corridor, in Somaliland.

Wadani Fishing Company

Wadani Fishing Company Somalia

Wadani is a small scale fishing company that owns its own fish retail store (in Berbera) and sells its catch around the Berbera region.

Xamdi Fishing

 Xamdi Fishing Somalia

Xamdi Fishing ("Xamdi") started in 2010 with one boat and a retail store in Berbera. The company sells 40% of its fish to retail customers and 60% to wholesale customers.

Ras Asayr Fishing Company

Raasi Ahmer Fishing Company Somalia

Ras Asayr Fishing Company (“Ras Asayr”) was established in Bosaso, Puntland in 1997. The company’s main line of business is harvesting and processing sea cucumbers and fish.

Black Sea Fishing and Chicken Center

Black Sea Fishing and Chicken Center Somalia

A food grocer in Hargeisa that sells frozen chicken, fresh vegetables, and a seasonal selection of fresh and cooked fish to the two biggest markets in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Soma Fishing

Soma Fishing Somalia

Soma Fishing was established in Berbera in 2011. The owner has been steadily expanding Soma Fishing’s fleet to meet the growing demand for fish in Somalia. 

Hodan Fishing Cooperative

Hodan Fishing Cooperative Somalia

Hodan Fishing Cooperative (“HFC”) was established in 2011 and is one of the largest wholesale fishing companies in the Nugaal region of Puntland. The company harvests and processes fish in Eyl and distributes and sells its fish in Garowe. 

Somali Marine Products Cooperative

Somali Marine Products Cooperative

Somali Marine Products Cooperative (SMPC) has been operating in the fishing sector since 2005.

Buruuj Fishing Company

Buruuj Fishing Company Somali Entrepreneur

Founded in 2011 and harvests, processes, and markets fresh fish. Financing enabled Buruuj to increase its harvesting and processing capacity by doubling its fishing fleet and building out its cold chain.


Corno Africa Fishing Company

CAFCO was founded in Mogadishu in 1988, however due to conflict and instability, the company relocated to Bossaso and Bander Bayla in 1992.

Red Sea Fishing Company

Red Sea Fishing Company Somalia

Red Sea Fishing Company is a large fishing operation based in Bosaso, Puntland.


Sundus Business Center Somalia

Sundus Business Center is a successful holding company that has been operating in the fishing sector in Puntland since 2008.

Ahmed Egeh Fishing

Somali Fishing Company

The owner sought an investment to replace the motor and repair his boat so that he could continue fishing and resume providing for his family.


Raasi Ahmer Fishing Company Somalia

Raasi Ahmer Fishing Company (RAFCO) was established in 1997 in Bosaso, Puntland – the commercial and fishing hub of Puntland.

Raas Kateeb Fishing

Raas Kateeb Fishing Somalia

Berbera-based Raas Kateeb Fishing has been in operation for 14 years. The owner has more than 22 years fishing experience; and specializes in Gargor fishing technique.

Dur Dur Fishing

Dur Dur Fishing Somalia

Dur Dur Fishing, Berbera-based, was founded  in 1993. Dur Dur, who possess a small fishing fleet, sells their catch in Berbera through their own retail store and in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Al Furqaan Fishing Center

Al Furqaan Fishing Center Somalia

Berbera-based Al Furqaan Fishing Center has been in operation since 2002, selling their catch in Berbera through direct client sales and to a fish retail shop in Hargeisa.

Al Fatxi Fishing Company

Berbera Fishing Company

Al Fatxi Fishing Company began in 2004, in Berbera, and presently owns two small fishing boats and fish stores in Hargeisa, Burao, and Berbera, Somaliland.

Alla Aamin Fishing

Alla Aamin Somali Fishing Company

Alla Aamin is owned by an entrepreneur and managed by a group of professional fishermen. The company has been in operation since 2003 running four small boats and a fish shop in Berbera, Somaliland.

Al Ihsan Fishing Group

Al Ihsan Fishing Group Somalia

Al Ihsan Fishing Group, located in Berbera, is a partnership fishing company that has been in operation since 2010. Al Ihsan sells fresh fish to local markets, in Hargeisa and in other near-by towns in Somaliland.