Beekeeping: Shuraako Impact Investing


Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa

PENHA aims to empower pastoralist communities and their institutions to play a full role in their own development and foster sustainable livelihoods among pastoralists.

Carbon Credit Initiative

Carbon Credit Initiative Somalia

Three US-based entities gifted 23,000 trees in 2013 to offset their employee’s annual vehicular carbon emissions.

Kaah Beekeeping

Kaah Beekeeping Somalia

 Kaah aims to produce high-quality honey and honey by-products such as royal jelly, bees wax and pollen for which they have identified a gap in the market.

Rasmi Beekeeping Company

Rasmi Beekeeping Company Somalia

Rasmi Beekeeping Company, located in Boroma, Somaliland began business operations over a decade ago.

Qalah Beekeeping Center

Qalah Beekeeping Center Somalia

Qalah Beekeeping Center was established nearly 20 years ago in Hargeisa, Somaliland by a local entrepreneur. 

Bulaale Beekeeping

Bulaale Beekeeping Somalia

Bulaale Beekeeping is located in the Somaliland region of Gabilay and has been operating for over 15 years.