Agribusiness: Shuraako Impact Investing

Al Baraka Mixed Farm

Al Baraka Mixed Farm (“Al Baraka”; “the Farm”) is a commercial farm producing vegetables, fruit, and camel milk outside of Garowe.

Dalsan Farms Company

Dalsan Farms Company (Dalsan) is a woman-owned enterprise established in 2018. Dalsan produces and sells cash crops and camel milk to local markets in Burao.

Barisamaad Farm

Barisamaad Farm

Barisamaad Farmis a commercial farm that supplies local businesses and households with fresh, high-quality produce sold via wholesale and retail.

Alla Magan Gums and Resins Processing Center

Alla Magan Gums and Resins

Alla Magan Gums and Resins Processing Center (“Alla Magan”) is located in Burao, the center of Somaliland's gums and resins industry.  The company has been in operation since 2002, and is the sole supplier of processed and graded gums and resins to NEO Botanika.

Bullaale Farm

Bullaale Farm

Bullaale Farm was established in 2013 as a beekeeping and honey production facility in Somaliland.

Raaho Farm

Rahoo Farm - Invest in Somalia

A commercial farm that spans over eight hectares with 75 percent of its farmland cultivated. Raaho produces fruits and vegetables, in addition to cash crops. Raaho secured a Shuraako-facilitated investment to further cultivate the land and safeguard the farm against droughts

Barisamaad Farm

Barisamaad Farm | Somali Agriculture

A commercial farm committed to producing sustainable and profitable agricultural crops.  Supplies local restaurants, hotels, and households in the region with quality produce sold both wholesale and retail.

Gobsoor Farm

Gobsoor Farm

A 19.5-hectare farm that grows cash crops to supply wholesale to traders in the region’s largest vegetable and fruit markets.  Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, the farm was able to procure 10 greenhouses and continue expanding its produce line with the addition of crops such as fruit trees and out of season production by use of the greenhouses.

Bardaale Farm

Somali Farms | Invest in Africa

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, Bardaale was able to procure a truck, which reduced its high transportation rental costs while allowing it to transport a higher volume of produce to market in a timely manner.

Dubur Farm

Dubur Farm

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment, the farm was able to secure the funds necessary to support its planned production expansion, including the purchase of high-yield, pest-resistant pepper seed varieties.

Dualeh Farm

Dualeh Farm

Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, the farm was able to procure and install irrigation pipes to connect the water tanks, berkads, and current irrigation system to its crops, thus completing a robust, modern irrigation system and expanding farmland usage.

Araan Farm

Araan Farm

For planting, the farm relied heavily on rental tractors, which were not only costly but at times unavailable when needed. Prior to receiving its Shuraako-facilitated investment, the farm had 12 hectares (75 percent) of the land under cultivation, producing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Al Faraj Group and Family Farm

Al Faraj Somali Farm

Due to drought conditions present in Somalia, the farm utilized a shallow well and pump to supplement rainfall and was only able to cultivate 43% of its land.

Horseed Farm

 Afgooye and large markets in Mogadishu

Horseed Farm “Horseed” produces agriculture products for sale to local markets in Afgooye and large markets in Mogadishu in South Central Somalia.

Himilo Farm

A family-owned farm that spans 50 hectares and produces quality cash crops for sale to domestic traders and distributors. Himilo received a Shuraako-brokered investment to install a borehole and water tank for efficient irrigation.

Al Naim Farm

Al Naim Farm “Al Naim” is a 200 hectare farm located near Afgooye in South Central, Somalia. 

Adelai Farm

Founded in 2012, Adelai Farm “Adelai” sells agricultural products in the local markets of the Balcad District in Mogadishu. 

Ugbaad Agrocare Co. Ltd

Ugbaad Agrocare Somalia

Ugbaad Agrocare “Ugbaad” specializes in the production and sale of high quality fodder using imported maize and barley seedlings.

Ubaale Poultry

Ubaale Poultry Poultry Somalia

Ubaale Poultry Farm “Ubaale” is a poultry business that specializes in the production and sale of high quality eggs.

Mudug Agrolive Farm

Mudug Agrolive Farm Somalia

Established in 2012, Mudug Agrolive Farm “Agrolive” is an 18.75 hectare farm located in Galkayo, Puntland.

Soma Chicken Farm

Soma Chicken Farm Somalia

A poultry farm located in Garowe, Puntland. SCF sells chicken meat, eggs, and manure and has demonstrated its ability to successfully raise poultry and sell into the local markets.

Jiniyeley Farm

Jiniyeley Farm Somalia

Jiniyeley is a commercial farm located just south of Bosaso, Puntland that has been providing a wide variety of agricultural products to loyal customers for over 26 years.

Fat-xi Farm

Fat-xi Farm Somalia

Fat-xi Farm is a female-owned and operated farm in Jibgale (outside of Garowe), Puntland. The owner is the leader of a local farming business association.

Mandeeq Poultry Company

Mandeeq Poultry Company Somalia

The only large-scale poultry farm in Somaliland. It sells fresh wholesale eggs, feed, and chickens to local Somaliland markets. Maandeeq secured a Shuraako-facilitated investment to increase production and expand its operations by an additional 18,000 egg-producing chickens

Las Durre Farm

Las Durre Farm Somalia

Las Durre Farm has been operating for the past 20 years, producing fruits and vegetables in the Las Durre valley in Somaliland.

Kalkaal Mixed Farm

Kalkaal Mixed Farm Somalia

The farm sells its products to customers in Galkayo, where Kalkaal rents a fruit and vegetable stand. Kalkaal has been operating in Galkayo for many years and has created a large customer base that appreciates the quality the company provides.

Hodan Mixed Farm

 Hodan Mixed Farm Somalia

Hodan Farm, a nine-acre mixed farm, has been in operation since 1994. The farm is on fertile ground in Jibgale, located outside of Garowe. The owner is an experienced farmer and livestock herder who produces milk, fruits, vegetables, and tends livestock on his farm. 

22 Mixed Farm

African Agriculture

22 Mixed Farm is situated in Jibgale, a fertile location east of Garowe. The farm provides the surrounding community with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and dairy milk. Funds were used to dig a deep borehole for consistent water supply and to establish an irrigation system.

Barwaaqo Marketing and Catering Services

Barwaaqo Marketing and Catering Services Somalia

Barwaaqo Marketing and Catering Services (BMCS) is a crop collection, storage, and marketing service serving farmers in six villages throughout the Gabiley District. 

Al Nur Mixed Farming

Al Nur Somali Farming

In 2019, Al Nur secured a third Shuraako-brokered investment through the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund to increase land utilization with the purchase of two hectares of land for fodder use, drilling of 200-meter borehole complete with irrigation system, a date dehydration machine, and tractor.

Carbon Credit Initiative

Carbon Credit Initiative Somalia

Three US-based entities gifted 23,000 trees in 2013 to offset their employee’s annual vehicular carbon emissions.

Sahra Islan Mohamed’s Farm

African Entrepreneur Garowe Puntland

The farm, located outside Garowe, Puntland has been in operation for nearly ten years. This is a woman-owned and operated four-hectare farm producing fruits and vegetables and rearing livestock for meat and milk. 

Goljano Mixed Farm and Agribusiness

Goljano Mixed Farm and Agribusiness

Goljano Mixed Farm started in 2010 as a farming project providing a variety of agricultural products to both the local market and foreign markets.