Wadajir Trading

Wadajir General Trading and Contractors

Founded in 2004, Wadajir General Trading and Contractors (“Wadajir”) is a construction and logistics company located in Mogadishu. A one-stop shop for developmental and humanitarian construction projects, Wadajir has a diversified revenue stream generated from its construction materials supply store and cement block production factory.

With growing demand for its products and services, Wadajir became constrained by a lack of storage space. A Shuraako-brokered investment supported the company’s construction of a 13-unit business center, including two multipurpose halls, an office, and a kitchen. Ten of the 13 units are used as rental space, increasing Wadajir’s ability to further diversify its revenue stream. The remaining three units are used as storage facilities for the company’s growing construction product supply.

Wadajir General Trading and Contractors Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2004
Project Sector: Construction