Waayeel Camel Dairy

Waayeel Camel Dairy

Waayeel Camel Dairy (“Waayeel”), established in 2014, is a dairy production business which sells camel milk and male calves to the local markets in Burao, Somaliland. Burao is a hub for livestock trading and slaughtering, providing sufficient demand for Waayeel’s male calves. The company also delivers fresh milk to its customers at a kiosk in Burao, and has a growing and loyal customer base for its dairy products.  The company engaged with Shuraako seeking funding to purchase additional camels, fencing, equipment, and water storage to meet the fast growing Burao markets. 

After securing a loan facilitated by Shuraako, Wayeel’s was able to increase its revenue by expanding its production capacity, and to increasing its supply of camel milk. Waayeel Camel Dairy’s output more than doubled and its operations were made more efficient through the purchase of farm equipment and infrastructure upgrades. This investment created 14 local jobs for Somalis. 

Waayeel Camel Dairy Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2014
Project Sector: Livestock
Employees: 22