Ugbaad Agrocare Somalia

Ugbaad Agrocare Co. Ltd

Ugbaad Agrocare “Ugbaad” specializes in the production and sale of high quality fodder using imported maize and barley seedlings.  Launched in 2016 in Burao, Somaliland it is one of the only commercial fodder production companies in Somaliland utilizing a soilless hydroponic system as an alternative to relying on local rain-dependent grasses.  Ugbaad’s growth potential was limited by its remote location from Berbera port and by its hydroponic system which delayed production and reduced the amount of weight in fodder.

With the investment capital secured with the help of Shuraako, the company was able to purchase a generator and hydroponic system from UAE that is equipped with efficient humidity and temperature controls as well as irrigation pipelines.  This has enabled Ugbaad to significantly increase yields and reduce production cycles.  The remaining funds were used to purchase land closer to the Berbera port and to construct an additional facility, which has drastically reduced its transport costs and shifted daily operations toward its primary end market.

Ugbaad Agrocare Co. Ltd Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2016
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 10