Somali Water Development Union Company

Somali Water Development Union Company (SWDUC) was founded in 2017 through a merger of individual borehole owners in order to combine capital and expand. SWDUC pipes water to households and businesses in three districts in Somalia. The company owns and operates 24 boreholes, four of which were solar-powered.

In 2020, SWDUC was approved for a loan through the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund. The investment is being used to convert the remaining boreholes from diesel to solar. In addition, the company is purchasing two generators and constructing a large storage hangar. Due to the high cost of diesel, SWDUC was constrained into higher rates for its customers. In using solar power, the company plans to lower their rates and attract new customers.

Somali Water Development Union Company Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2017
Project Sector: Sanitation
Employees: 154

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