African Entrepreneur Garowe Puntland

Sahra Islan Mohamed’s Farm

Sahra’s Farm is a female owned and operated four hectare farm that is situated on fertile land just outside of Garowe, Puntland. The farm has been in operation for nearly ten years producing a range of horticulture products including carrots, coriander, green peppers, guavas, lettuce, onions, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. The farm also rears cows, goats, and sheep for meat and milk production. Farming in Puntland is typically difficult due to the arid landscape, as such, much of the fruits and vegetables available locally have been imported from South Central Somalia and Ethiopia. Domestic competition is thus limited, and local demand outweighs supply. Produce from South Central Somalia and Ethiopia is expensive, due to transportation costs and high border fees. In order to meet the local demand and stay competitively priced, Sahra’s Farm sought funding to finance its expansion.

With the Shuraako-facilitated acquired investment, Sahra’s Farm has been able to cultivate its remaining two hectares of land (thereby doubling its productivity), create new jobs, and provide sufficient produce and livestock to better meet local demand. 

Additional financing was secured in 2017 allowing Sahra’s Farm to purchase and install a solar irrigation system and dig a borehole in order to provide an additional water source.  This allows the farm to access a more reliable source of water during the drought in the region, which means that it can maintain production quality and quantity through the coming months.

Sahra Islan Mohamed’s Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 2005
Project Sector: Agribusiness, Women Initiative
Employees: 8
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation