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Royal Lounge Cafe and Restaurant

Royal Lounge Café and Restaurant ("Royal Lounge") was launched in Hargeisa in 2014. It is located in the Jig Jigayar area of Hargeisa, a vibrant and populated area of the city. Royal Lounge is a popular restaurant providing both Somali and international fare to locals, diaspora, and foreign visitors. It is one of a few top rated, fine-dining restaurants in Hargeisa and is revered by its loyal clientele. The restaurant and gathering place has a 140 person seating capacity, with an average of 190 customers served daily. Royal Lounge sought an investment to expand the restaurant to meet the high demand for quality dining in Hargeisa. 

With a loan facilitated by Shuraako, Royal Lounge increased its seating capacity and menu offerings with the addition of a Moroccan Shack and new kitchen equipment. The expansion plan increased seating capacity by 100 seats, a 71% increase, and provided the restaurant with the space to host gatherings, parties, and business meetings. The new kitchen equipment increased the kitchen’s capacity and efficiency to meet the increased demand brought on by the expansion plan. The expansion created 14 new jobs for the Hargeisa community. 

Royal Lounge Cafe and Restaurant Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2014
Project Sector: Hospitality, Women Initiative
Employees: 29