Raas Kateeb Fishing Somalia

Raas Kateeb Fishing

Berbera-based Raas Kateeb Fishing (“Raas Kateeb”) has been operating for more than 14 years in Somaliland. The owner and manager has more than 22 years of fishing experience, captaining boats in Greece, Egypt, Djibouti, and Somalia. From his time abroad, the owner brought back the gargor fishing technique and grew his fishing enterprise. Despite its advanced fishing techniques, Raas Kateeb faced equipment failure and needed capital investment to restore its boats and other equipment.

With assistance from Shuraako, Raas Kateeb was able to secure a loan and quickly restore its fishing fleet. Additionally, the fishing company used the loan to procure navigation equipment, and is now one of the only Somali fishing operations with GPS navigation onboard providing a significant comparative advantage. The investment facilitated the hiring of ten new Raas Kateeb employees. 

Raas Kateeb Fishing Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2000
Project Sector: Fishing
Employees: 10