Somali Fruit Farm

Raaho Farm

Raaho Farm (“Raaho”) is a female owned and operated farm located in Jibgale, 15 km outside of Garowe, Puntland. The company started production in 2002 and produces a variety of fruits and vegetables including jalapeños, watermelons, tomatoes, guava, carrots, and hot peppers. The farm sells most of its products directly to customers at a farm stand in a Garowe market. Raaho sought an investment to expand its production and decrease its operational costs.

After securing a loan facilitated by Shuraako, Raaho Farm was able to rent a tractor to cultivate more farmland and purchase a vehicle to transport its goods. The investment increased production capacity by 25% and greatly reduced transportation costs for the farm. 

Raaho Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2002
Project Sector: Agriculture
Jobs Created: 4