Qalah Beekeeping Center Somalia

Qalah Beekeeping Center

Qalah Beekeeping Center (“Qalah”), located in Hargeisa, has been operating for nearly 20 years as one of the largest honey operations in Somaliland. The owner, a local business entrepreneur, is knowledgeable on beekeeping and honey production; through his leadership Qalah won second place in the national honey show in November 2002. Qalah sought to increase its production, however it needed capital to access the limited number of apiculture supplies in Somaliland.

With help from Shuraako, Qalah obtained an investment which more than doubled its number of beehives and increasing its honey production by 125%. Qalah is now satisfying the high regional demand for honey and capturing a larger market share. Qalah has used the investment to train its ten employees in beekeeping practices and customer relations. Qalah is currently developing new honey products and establishing its own store. 

Qalah Beekeeping Center Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 1995
Project Sector: Beekeeping
Employees: 15