Lake Asal Restaurants and Apartments Somalia

Lake Asal Restaurants and Apartments

Lake Asal is a popular and highly-rated restaurant serving African and European food. The owners identified the demand for short and long term luxury apartments rentals in Hargeisa. With financing secured by Shuraako, Lake Asal will construct five apartment units on the land shared with the restaurant. The company plans to integrate these luxury apartments into the existing restaurant, providing food and beverage services and a wide range of amenities to tenants. Lake Asal is already a popular destination for both local and Somali diaspora clients, and thus they aims to achieve high occupancy rates. This expansion will more than double the company’s revenue and create local jobs in the hospitality industry.

Lake Asal Restaurants and Apartments Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Hospitality
Employees: 24