Kalkaal Mixed Farm Somalia

Kalkaal Mixed Farm

Kalkaal Mixed Farm (“Kalkaal”) is a farm located in the Mudug region of Puntland. The farm started production in 2008. Kalkaal’s main business line is commercial crop farming, but they have also demonstrated their ability to successfully herd cattle, sheep, and raise bees for the production and sale of meat, milk, and honey in the local market. The farm sells its products to customers in Galkayo, where Kalkaal rents a fruit and vegetable stand. Kalkaal has been operating in Galkayo for many years and has created a large customer base that appreciates the quality the company provides.

The farm came to Shuraako seeking an investment to cultivate more of its 120 hectare farm for commercial farming. With the investment facilitated by Shuraako, Kalkaal was able to further develop and improve the land by digging a deep well (200 meters) providing a reliable and sustainable source of water to the farm. Kalkaal also used the investment to procure a solar water pumping system to power the water pump and irrigation system. The investment created 18 jobs and brought environmentally sustainable farming practices to the farm. 

Kalkaal Mixed Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2008
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 24