Jiniyeley Farm Somalia

Jiniyeley Farm

Jiniyeley is a commercial farm located just south of Bosaso, Puntland that has been providing a wide variety of agricultural products to loyal customers for over 26 years. While the farm itself rests on two hectares of land, the farm’s owner was only been able to cultivate 30% of it due to the lack of irrigation.

With assistance from Shuraako, Jiniyeley secured capital to purchase fencing, flood irrigation pipes, and two berkeds. This expansion will allow the company to cultivate an additional .12 hectares of land per year for the next five years. The company plans to increase and diversify its offerings to the local market, as well as reduce lost produce throughout the growing season. With the implementation of this modern irrigation system, the company can double both production and revenue, as well as hire eight additional employees.  

Jiniyeley Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 1990
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 16