Ileeye Camel Dairy Somalia

Ileeye Camel Dairy

Ileeye Camel Dairy sells camel milk and male calves to customers throughout Somaliland. The farm, established in 2005, is located in the Hawd pastoral zone of Farawayne District, about 30 km south of Hargeisa, an ideal location for camel grazing and growing feed. The dairy’s proximity to the city provides the company with a competitive advantage when meeting the demand for fresh milk. Ileeye sought investment to expand operations, increasing the quantity and ensuring the quality of its dairy products.

After securing investment facilitated by Shuraako, the company procured a truck and a solar-powered cold storage facility to ensure fresh delivery and quality of its products. The investment was also used to construct a cement cistern that stores water for use during the prolonged dry seasons. The investment increased Ileeye’s milk revenue by 83% and created 12 new jobs.

Ileeye Camel Dairy Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2005
Project Sector: Livestock
Employees: 18