Hodan Bakery and Sweets Somalia

Hodan Bakery and Sweets

Hodan Bakery and Sweets sells bread throughout the MaroodiJeex and Sahil regions of Somaliland. The company began operations in Hargeisa in 2014 and has grown to produce 4,500 pieces of bread and pastry daily. Hodan Bakery distributes its products to over 400 retailers, primarily women and youth. In addition to standard products such as sandwich bread, long bread, cakes, and pastries, the company also produces specialty breads for diabetics and a protein-rich bread intended to support growth in young children.

After securing financing through Shuraako in 2016, Hodan Bakery was able to opened a second manufacturing facility and purchased more modern and efficient baking equipment in order to meet the increasing demand for its baked goods. The addition of the second facility will allow the company to access new markets within Hargeisa and surrounding areas. After this expansion, Hodan Bakery anticipates doubling its revenues and creating over 30 new jobs for the local community. 

Hodan Bakery and Sweets Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2014
Project Sector: Hospitality
Employees: 35