Himilo Farm

Himilo Farm “Himilo” is a 50 hectare commercial farm located outside of Mogadishu in Afgooye, Somalia.  Established in 1990, Himilo produces fresh fruits and vegetables for the local markets in South Central Somalia including bananas, lemons, corn, mangos, green peppers and tomatoes.  The farm relied primarily on rain water and river irrigation to irrigate its crops, and only utilized 70% of its total land for cultivation.

With Shuraako’s assistance, Himilo acquired the necessary investment capital to dig a 200m borehole and to procure a water pump and two tanks in order to relieve its dependency on natural rainfall.  In doing so, the farm has taken steps to mitigate many of the environmental risks that it is currently facing in the ongoing drought throughout Somalia and Eastern Africa.

Himilo Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 1990
Project Sector: Agriculture
Jobs Created: 18