Fat-xi Farm Somalia

Fat-xi Farm

Fat-xi Farm is a female-owned and operated farm in Jibgale (outside of Garowe), Puntland. The owner is the leader of a local farming business association. She has experience in cultivating and harvesting crops, inspecting and coordinating Fat-xi Farm’s operations, as well as preparing and transporting crops to the market. Fat-xi Farm specializes in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables. It also has a small-scale meat, dairy, and fodder operation. In the past, the farm’s biggest constraint has been its ability to transport goods to markets, since the company has to pay a transportation company to deliver its goods, which is expensive and unreliable.

With Shuraako’s assistance, Fat-xi Farm received enough capital to procure a delivery vehicle and can now ensure the quick and reliable delivery of its goods to market. The new delivery vehicle has allowed the farm to provide the surrounding community with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy milk, and meat.

After the successful repayment of its first loan, Fat-xi Farm secured additional financing to dig a borehole and establish a solar water pumping system.  This allows the farm to access a new irrigation source and increase its production by cultivating additional land while also reducing its dependency on rainwater during the current drought period.

Fat-xi Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 1998
Project Sector: Agribusiness, Women Initiative
Employees: 9
Previous Financing: Arsenault Family Foundation