Dur Dur Fishing Somalia

Dur Dur Fishing

Dur Dur Fishing (“Dur Dur”) is a small scale fishing operation based in Berbera, Somaliland. Founded in 1993, Dur Dur sells its catch through its own retail store in Berbera as well as through markets in Hargeisa. Dur Dur was struggling with post-harvest losses and sought an investment to build out its cold chain from sea to shore.   

Dur Dur used funding facilitated by Shuraako to procure cooling appliances for its boats  and a refrigeration facility for its retail space. The cooling systems have enabled Dur Dur to preserve more of its catch thus increasing its profit margins. Dur Dur also used the investment to expand its fishing fleet thus increasing its production capacity, and expanding its staff by 40%.

Dur Dur Fishing Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 1993
Project Sector: Fishing
Employees: 14