Solar Power Somalia

divi/Golis Solar Company

In 2013, Shuraako helped connect US-based divi Inc. with Somaliland-based Golis Solar Company. divi designs and produces a pay-to-own system solar lamp, which they sell to African distributors. By having a credit facility built into a solar lamp (operated through Bluetooth technology and managed by a smartphone app), end-users are able to make incremental payments and the lamp will stay fully operational until the next payment is due. If payments are past due, the lamp will become completely inoperable. The incremental payment plan expands access to larger portions of the population due to their affordability. While divi has done extensive technical testing in the field, they have yet to sell their products commercially.

Golis Solar Company is a renewable energy installation and servicing company challenged by the high cost of renewable energy products and the lack of access to formal credit. Golis has installed over 300 solar systems through eight branch stores in Somaliland, Puntland, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.  Golis is an ideal distributor for a commercial pilot as they have wide-reaching distribution and a deep customer base. Golis is selling an initial batch of solar lamps (nearly 1,000) through their stores. diviLites are rugged and reliable solar-powered lamps with 25  lumens of light and a run time of up to 30 hours. In a country were electricity costs are nearly 14x more expensive than the US (approximately $1.00 per kWh in Somaliland), a clean, sustainable, and cost effective alternative to candles and kerosene is in high demand.

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