Dairy Production & Processing Plant Somalia


Dairy Production & Processing Plant ("Dayibat") produces and distributes fresh yoghurt and dairy products to retail outlets across Somaliland. Utilizing modern applied science and product technologies, Dayibat has been able to scale its production and keep costs down for its many customers. Despite a large demand for imported yoghurt products, Dayibat is currently the only yoghurt producer in Somaliland with a distribution network of over 80 retail sites. While Dayibat successfully implemented its pilot phase, it sought additional capital to expand and meet the growing demand for yoghurt.

After securing financing from Shuraako, Dayibat scaled its business to include long shelf life milk, drinking yoghurt (Leban), cheese, butter, milk based sweets, and frozen yoghurt. The investment enabled Dayibat to procure a refrigerated truck, increasing the company’s cold storage capacity and value chain. The expansion created twenty-three full time jobs, and quadrupled the company’s cash sales. 

Dayibat Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Manufacturing
Employees: 32