Transportation Company Bosaso, Puntland

Dalmar Transportation Cooperative

Dalmar Transportation Cooperative “Dalmar” was established in Bosaso, Puntland in 2012 to provide truck drivers and transportation company owners with limited coverage to specific risk events. Dalmar is the only provider of short-term, limited risk coverage and associated services to truck drivers in Somalia. As such, purchase of the company’s membership experienced strong growth and today the company boasts offices in Galkacayo, Garowe, Armo and Beledwayne. The company was using a rented truck crane to rescue rolled-over trucks and sought investment to purchase the crane in order to reduce costs and create an additional source of revenue.

Membership with the company covers potential costs related to roll-overs, conflict resolution services, road improvements and road tolls. Currently, Dalmar has over 2,000 members who pay a small, per load trip fee to cover select risk events. The cost savings from buying the crane with the Shuraako-facilitated loan will reduce the average cost of a roll-over by 76%, while also servicing the massive shortage of cranes in Puntland.

Dalmar Transportation Cooperative Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Transportation
Employees: 41