Carbon Credit Initiative Somalia

Carbon Credit Initiative

At the end of 2013, Shuraako facilitated a partnership between Candlelight for Health, Education & Environment (“Candlelight”), a Somali nonprofit, and three US-based entities (Real Capital Solutions (RCS), One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), and Secure World Foundation (SWF). The three US entities (one for-profit and two not for-profit) sought to offset their staff’s vehicular carbon emission for one year. Two challenges initially presented themselves, which were how can the survivability of trees be ensured and how can Shuraako achieve its mission of job creation?

Shuraako – through our facilitated investments in farming and beekeeping projects – knew that it would be in the vested interest of farmers and beekeepers to ensure the trees survive. RCS, OEF, and SWF gifted 23,000 fruit and shade tree seedling, of which a portion will be distributed to farmers, which will bolster their revenue by selling fruit from fruit trees. The other portion of trees will be given to various beekeepers. Those without land will be able to exchange their allocation of trees with farmers who will allow beehives to be placed on their farm. Farmer’s yields will increase due to the bees cross pollinating.

Candlelight, founded in 1995, will plant and grow the seedlings in their nursery, on behalf of the US entities. They are a Somali-based, nonprofit organization committed to educating individuals on environmental conservation and creating employment opportunities.

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