African Transportation Company

Bixin Transportation & Hotel Groups

Bixin Transportation & Hotel Groups (Bixin) was founded in 2003 when its founder, Bashir Ali Salah, realized the vast and increasing demand for inter-city travel through operating his taxi service. Bixin now provides ground transportation between Puntland and Somaliland for both passengers and parcels with a fleet of 39 minibuses, five of which are dedicated to secure parcel delivery. Bixin is the longest-running delivery and travel service in the region. 

Although Bixin’s sister company, Bixin Spare Parts and Fuel Station, provides garage services along with several local garages, Bixin Transportation & Hotel Groups is looking to purchase a tow truck to move any broken-down vehicles to these locations for servicing. They also plan to expand their fleet by an additional 14 minibuses. Both of these goals may be achieved through the loan they received from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund.

Bixin Transportation & Hotel Groups Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Transportation