Aloog Energy Somalia

Aloog Energy

Aloog Energy (“Aloog”) is a power production and distribution company established in 2004 in Borama, Somaliland.  Aloog provides affordable and reliable power to a majority of electricity consumers in Borama through its own generation and transmission lines. It began solely on diesel power; however due to increasing and volatile fuel prices, Aloog began exploring renewable energy to supplement its diesel generation. Last year Aloog added 900 kW of wind power, which increased its energy production capacity by 16%. While a strong step forward,  Aloog sought to further diversify its grid to include a grid-tied solar power.  

Due to the investment facilitated by Shuraako, Aloog purchased a solar power system (300 kW). This is the largest solar installation in the country to date. Together, wind and solar generation has increased Aloog’s renewable energy mix to 24% of its power produced. Aloog now has the capacity to produce over 6 MW of power for the city of Borama. The renewable energy expansion has dropped Aloog’s operational costs and thus customer tariffs, which conversely should enable the increased breadth and depth of customer consumption.

Aloog Energy Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2004
Project Sector: Renewable Energy
Employees: 120