Al-Kawsar Water for Somalia

Al-Kawsar Water

Founded in 2002, Al-Kawsar Water (“Al-Kawsar”) is a purified water and dairy milk manufacturer that began its operations as a small-scale water supplier. Since 2002, Al-Kawsar has become the only water supplier in the Qardho region, providing water to over 3,000 households and distributing bottled milk and water to supermarkets and retail shops. With growing demand for its products, the company became increasingly constrained by its existing 200m borehole, requiring its farm animals to travel longer distances for additional water. The company was also constrained by its reliance on fodder during the drier seasons and a lack of adequate shade for the dairy animals.

Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, Al-Kawsar was able to drill an additional 220m borehole to increase its water production and provide a continuous water supply for both the farm and factory, thereby increasing the company’s milk production. The investment also allowed the company to enhance the living conditions of the farm animals through the construction of ten farm sheds and the procurement of a solar system to power the borehole.

Al-Kawsar Water Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Medium
Year Founded: 2002
Project Sector: Renewable Energy