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Al Furqaan Fiberglass Factory

Founded in 1995, Al Furqaan Fiberglass Factory (“Al Furqaan”) is the largest manufacturer of artisanal and commercial-sized fishing boat shells in Somalia. The company also manufactures water tanks, which are sold to households. Al Furqaan was constrained by a break in production due to delays in delivery of raw materials from the UAE.

Through a Shuraako-facilitated investment from the Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund, Al Furqaan was able to procure, and have on hand, the necessary raw materials to manufacture a stock of approximately 24 to 26 fishing boat body shells. This investment reduced the production delay the company was facing and allowed Al Furqaan to focus on customizing the boat shells to each customer’s needs at the time of purchase.

Al Furqaan Fiberglass Factory Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Fishing