Adelai Farm

Founded in 2012, Adelai Farm “Adelai” sells agricultural products in the local markets of the Balcad District in Mogadishu. The farm produces a variety of fruits and vegetables including watermelon, maize, barley, beans and other products on its 12 hectare plot.  In order to increase yields, Adelai hired a tractor to cultivate its land, but the tractor was expensive and not always available.

With Shuraako’s assistance, Adelai obtained the necessary funds to purchase a tractor and to hire additional workers to supplement its current staff.  With this investment, the farm will be able to increase production by cultivating its additional property, as well as create an additional income source by renting its tractor to surrounding farms.

Adelai Farm Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Micro
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Agribusiness
Employees: 7