Abu Nakiib

Abu Najiib Fishing Company

Founded in 2012, Abu Najiib Fishing Company (“Abu Najiib”) is a firm engaged in harvesting and processing fish for local consumption in Somaliland. In 2012, the company operated with one small fishing boat. During that time it joined a community fishing cooperative that held collective licensing permission from the Somaliland Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources and the Berbera Regional Government Authority. In 2014, after two years of positive return on investment, it decided to expand and obtain its own license as a harvester and primary retail processor in Somaliland.

Through a Shuraako-brokered investment, Abu Najiib was able to obtain the funds necessary to construct a new processing location in Burao. The investment also allowed the company to procure three additional fishing boats and processing equipment for its Berbera, Hargeisa, and new Burao processing locations.

Abu Najiib Fishing Company Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2012
Project Sector: Fishing