Aayatiin School

Aayatiin School

Founded in 2013, Aayatiin School (“Aayatiin”) is a licensed K–8 school that aims to provide quality education to middle-income children in Hargeisa. In Somaliland, the demand for education wholly outstrips the supply of schools. Between 2013 and 2017, Aayatiin’s student population grew from 42 to 260—demonstrating exceptional growth in its first few years of operation, while also ensuring profitability.

As a result of greater stability in Somaliland, returning diaspora, and the inflow of individuals from Puntland and South Central Somalia as well as more rural parts of Somaliland, the demand for secondary education in Hargeisa continues to grow as the population increases. With Shuraako’s assistance, Aayatiin obtained the necessary funds to construct a secondary school campus, helping it to address some of the challenges facing secondary education in Somaliland, including rapid increases in enrollment with limited space and access to education for all children.

Aayatiin School Company Highlights

Enterprise Size: Small
Year Founded: 2013
Project Sector: Education

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